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The Plan

step 01

The Plan

step 01

After you submit a message, I’ll reach out via email. We’ll meet or have a call to discuss your vision, location and wants.


step 02


step 02

The photo session will be a bright event for you. Since we will discuss in advance the style of the shoot, the details that are important to you and the moments that you would like to preserve, all you need to do is enjoy every moment and be yourself

The Memories

step 03

The Memories

step 03

After 2 weeks you will receive a link to the gallery with your photos. All photos will be in author's processing and light retouching. You can see examples of such photo processing on this site or on my pages in social networks


Is it possible to order a mini photo session for 15 minutes?

My photo session cannot last 15 or 30 minutes.

I prescribe a minimum photo session time of 1.5 hours, because I want us to enjoy the process together with you, and take our time.

I want to make the result for you that you see on my page and at the same time unique - exactly about you.

For this, you need to adhere to my conditions - to devote a little more time to creativity than usual ❤️

Guests of Karlovy Vary can order a 45-minute mini photo session. But in 45 minutes, we stay in only one location, and take basic shots to remember you on the trip

I can't pose. will you help me?

Are you afraid that you do not know how to pose? You don't need to be able to do that. I'm photographing you, not a professional model. Do you think that what is beautiful is necessarily the "correct" pose?

You are beautiful! I will emphasize your beauty with the help of light. I will direct your gaze, your hands, your wings, but not because it is right, but because the light will emphasize your uniqueness.

Step by step, we together reveal the photo and the idea that wants to be realized with our help.

And she is definitely extraordinary ❤️

I want a creative photo session, but I don't believe that I am suitable and that interesting shots can be created about me

I do not believe that there are non-creative people. Everyone who told me that I am not creative / not creative - over time revealed their innermost secrets to me and there is always a creative core ❤️

By taking a step to meet yourself - you add colors, flavors and adventures to life ❤️

And I will help you show your awesomeness.

Can you recommend a MAKE UP master?

It is not necessary to do professional make-up for a photo shoot. Photography can be done without make-up at all. It all depends on the idea and the result you want to get.

I work with a professional make-up artist in Karlovy Vary. The master knows how to do both standard Make Ups and complex works for crazy ideas.
We discuss the idea of shooting together, and together we choose the best make-up for you.

I don't want you to use my photos for your portfolio. It is possible?

I value your right to privacy. I do not post anything without my clients' permission.

I usually give the photos, and only then ask the client for permission to publish them.

If our shooting was on TFP terms - the publication of works is agreed upon before the shooting.

How many face retouched photos will I get?

I do not retouch photos. You will receive photos in professional author's processing without deep retouching. These are the photos you see on this site and in my portfolio.
If you need to remove a pimple or random redness - I will remove it. However, I do not remove wrinkles, and I do not change the shape of the nose or cheekbones.
If you need deep facial retouching, I can help you find a professional retoucher. The price for a photo is from 5 euros.

Can I pick up unedited photos?

I do not give away raw photos.

After the shooting, I send you a link to the gallery where there are already processed photos.

The number of photos in the packages offered above is more than sufficient. I leave all the wonderful shots and the most precious moments.

If you want to receive all the photos and make a selection of photos for processing yourself, let us know in advance. Additional cost of all files from the shooting - 60 euros / 1500 kr

How to choose a location for shooting?

We can create a photo session in nature, in the middle of the city, at your home, in a studio or in a hotel. The main thing is that the location corresponds as much as possible to your emotional state and your values and moments that you want to preserve.

If it's a family photo session, the best photo story will be about you at home. If you have come to visit Karlovy Vary - we will take a walk around the city. But a few photos taken in the hotel will diversify the series and add completeness to your memories.

If you want an individual photo session - then it is best to meet before the photo session to get to know each other better and to adjust to "one visual row".

We discuss the music you are listening to right now, which recent movies impressed you the most, which actors resonate with you, which videos you watch, which countries you dream of visiting, which cultures and which works of art are closest to you. That way I can better feel your uniqueness and your emotional state in this period of your life.

If we did not know each other after the meeting, you will trust me and the process more.

And I will consider in advance which creative tools will help to emphasize your inner beauty as much as possible

How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

First, we discuss what mood you want to convey in the photos and what you want to remember. I'm asking you what colors you like, what music you listen to, what movies hit you, what visuals resonate with you at this time. Then I create a visual moodboard so that we can see together what the result is. we plan to get as a result.

According to the mood board, we discuss clothes, choose from what you have at home, or search for what you need.

We are also solving location issues. I help you choose a photo studio, look for the necessary hotel or forest, and coordinate with you.

We decide whether professional makeup is needed.

According to the moodboard, I am looking for other creative tools that we need (smoke machine, additional light, etc.)

When will the photos be ready?

The standard period for returning photos is up to 2 weeks. If you need to receive the photos earlier - please let me know in advance so that we can agree if this is possible.

Depending on the upload, the photo return schedule may be changed. I will inform you about another term before the shooting.

Can you photoshop it later...?

Ha, I don't photoshop! Were you scared?
I do a professional author's color correction of all the photos I give you. I also remove excess from photos if needed (light stops, random trash, etc.)
I don't smooth out clothes in photoshop, I don't make clients thinner or different. I work with light during shooting. And it is with the help of light that I emphasize the most important, and we leave everything else in the shadows.