let's create art together

my photo is about your beauty

I don't just photograph people - I want to reveal your beauty and your uniqueness as much as possible.

With the help of photography, I want to tell about your inner state, about the depth of emotions, about your interaction with the world, your love for children, your partner, yourself, about your love for life and the world.

And also, I want to show how the world admires you!


Photo session in Karlovy Vary, in Prague, pregnancy photo session, family, individual, in a photo studio, on a walk, at
Photo session in Karlovy Vary, in Prague, pregnancy photo session, family, individual, in a photo studio, on a walk, at
Photo session in Karlovy Vary, in Prague, pregnancy photo session, family, individual, in a photo studio, on a walk, at

You are unique, you are fantastic, you are priceless, and the universe definitely has some ideas for a creative photo shoot about you ❤️

The magic in which I cannot help but believe is to get as a result of creativity what the universe intended.

If you think that creativity is about fantasy and big ideas, then you are wrong.

Creativity is about finding time and place, about finally starting to do something, changing what you are doing, twisting/turning, being attentive to what you are doing.

And then just wonder.


Let's Create Art


I have been taking pictures for more than 10 years

Welcome Friend, I am Anna Kharchenko

I don't need to drink alcohol to be happy. I don't need a drug to feel euphoric.
I found my addiction.
During photography, I forget absolutely everything - there is nothing more important than the unique moment I am trying to capture.
E u p h o r i a
Live and not feel it from work?
Oh, no. Don't settle for less.

We can create a photo session in nature, at your home, in my studio or in a hotel. The main thing is that the location corresponds as much as possible to your emotional state and your values and moments that you want to preserve.

If it's a family photo session, the best photo story will be about you at home. If you have come to visit Karlovy Vary - we will take a walk around the city. But a few photos taken in the hotel will diversify the series and add completeness to your memories.

If you want an individual photo session - then it is best to meet before the photo session to get to know each other better and to adjust to "one visual row".

We discuss the music you are listening to right now, which recent movies impressed you the most, which actors resonate with you, which clips you watch, which countries you dream of visiting, which cultures and which works of art are closest to you. That way I can better feel your uniqueness and your emotional state in this period of your life.

If we did not know each other after the meeting, you will trust me and the process more.

And I will consider in advance which creative tools will help to emphasize your inner beauty as much as possible



A portrait photo session is an opportunity to stop, look at everything that was before, and understand what stage you are at now.
This is an opportunity to consciously live the transition to a new chapter of your book and ask the photographer for help to better get to know yourself in a new way

Important, about the Photo Session

I will always be happy to help with the selection of the location, the search for a hairdresser / make-up artist / stylist, and the choice of clothes

There are also assistants who help me with the light, follow the details, and during filming in the city, they look after our things while I photograph you. I determine the need for an assistant and I pay for his work myself.

The price of the photo session does not include the rental of my photo studio, which is located in Karlovy Vary.

The cost of renting my photo studio is 25 euros per shoot (regardless of the amount of time spent in the studio)

Rental of other photo studios - according to their prices

Prices for makeup / hair / stylist and others - I do not control

I give the photos within 2 weeks

a priceless gift

You can order a gift certificate according to the terms of any package

The certificate can be personal and contain a greeting from you. The certificate is an ideal gift for a pregnant woman or a family where a baby was born. It is also an unforgettable birthday gift for a mother, daughter, girlfriend.

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